Title : COO

Client : Pacific Energy Concepts

Search Completed : 2017


Candidate Placed: September 2017, ongoing strong
New Hire’s key contribution: Character, Availability, Organization, and Preparation
Client Candidate’s Rating: A+ Difference Maker
Today: COO serves as the EOS “Integrator” for the company operations

ePraxis Search Characteristics

Behavioral Profile Created for Position
Behavioral Position Description Prepared
Multi-source candidate cultivation strategy implemented

100+ Candidates sourced in Talent Pool
72 Candidates made first cut on general criterion
30 Candidates identified as high potentials and further screened
13 Candidates panel interviewed
4 Finalist candidates determined
1 Finalists selected
1 Candidate placed

Key Observed Pre-Hire Candidate Trait: “Candidate’s Character, Availability, Organization, and Preparation” In the candidate’s background materials, the Candidate stated that one of their strong traits was their ‘always available status.’ We decided to test that status. At 12:30am on Friday night, we sent the Candidate a request for past work samples homework by noon Saturday. At 5:00am Saturday morning the homework was submitted some 4.5 hours after request; and most noteworthy, the homework request we provided was late night and unexpected. The Candidate responded, “I knew this was a test. I had all of my best work already on virtual drives. I took some time to determine what work best showed my capabilities, and I submitted my work.” Then the Candidate expressed, “I am always available.” And the Candidate was attentive, action-oriented, and delivered above expectation, and this continues this day. The Candidate’s work quality submitted was A+, analytical, creative, visual, professional, thorough, and on-target. ePraxis followed up with the CEO in Febrary 2018 to see how the new hire was doing and extrodinarily well was the response. The Candidate is a difference maker and my team is really moving forward with the new COO in place.  The new hire Candidate is a difference maker!