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Keynote Speaker

Inspire and Educate with Expert Keynotes

Enhance your team's skills and knowledge with a speaking engagement, short-term workshop, or long-term training course that fosters personal and professional growth. Whether you choose a virtual or in-person session, ePraxis tailors each engagement to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced advisors have conducted over 500 group sessions and speaking engagements, ensuring high-quality, impactful experiences. One of our most requested keynotes is "The AI Whisperer for Business," which helps companies identify and leverage AI for increased revenue and decreased expenses.

Choose from a variety of formats to suit your needs:

Keynote Speaking Engagements: Dynamic and engaging presentations on critical topics.

Short-Term Workshops: Intensive sessions focusing on specific skills or knowledge areas.

Long-Term Training Courses: Comprehensive programs designed for sustained growth and development.

Partner with ePraxis to inspire, educate, and empower your teams through expertly delivered sessions.

Empower & uplift

Empower Your Team with Knowledge and Inspiration


At ePraxis, we offer a range of training sessions and workshops designed to enable self-development and enhance team capabilities. Whether your focus is on technical skills or emotional intelligence, our sessions leave employees feeling more confident in their ability to identify and address challenges effectively.

We offer a variety of formats to suit your needs, from 60-90 minute keynotes to 3-hour and full-day (six-hour) sessions, available both in-person and virtually. We'll work with you to determine the best structure for your team(s).


Our most requested sessions include:

The AI Whisperer for Business: Discover how to leverage AI to boost revenue and reduce expenses.

The Talent Palette: Master the art of talent acquisition with our 5-S's framework: Specify, Source, Screen, Select, and Set.

Innovation Matters: Explore the science of innovation, AI, and automation to drive business growth.

Economic Outlook: Gain insights into the next 12 months with an analysis of international political-economic trends and behavioral economics impacting your business.

Empower your team with new knowledge, ideas, and inspiration through our expert-led trainings and workshops.


Severin Sorensen, CEO of ePraxis, received Vistage Top Performer Awards
 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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on 5.0 Scale as of 6/10/24

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