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Psychometric Assessments

Interviews alone have proved insufficient in determining a candidate’s fitness for a given position. Social scientists have developed psychometric assessments to better inform an employer about an individual candidate’s underlying behaviors, motivations, and core competencies. Psychometric and competency based tools that ePraxis routinely uses in its headhunting and talent selection practice include: Wonderlic (WPT), DISC, TriMetrixDNA, and specific industry competency tests. 

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A ‘marker’ is an observable trait, condition, characteristic, or factor that identifies the presence of, or a probable increased predisposition to certain identifiable conditions, behaviors, capacities, or risks. Markers occur in many sciences (e.g., environmental, DNA, medical, psychological, organizational behavioral, and sports performance research, etc) and they are used to make early reference or inductive reasoning about the current state and future probability of certain conditions or behaviors of individuals, groups, or events. For example, in medicine, the evidence of a single cancerous cell may be a marker of increased cancer risk, and may lead to recommendations of preventative monitoring. Whereas the identification of many cancerous cells in a patient may identify or mark a decision-making tripwire signaling to the examiner an immediate risk of serious cancerous condition impacting the present health of a patient, and lead to a recommendation for immediate or near-term intervention action.

Let a candidate or employee's past act as a predictor of their future, and better understand their characteristics, drivers and motivators.

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Assessment types

TriMetrix DNA

Explore underlying behaviors, motivations and core competencies with TriMetrix DNA—a three-perspective test that's proven useful in employee pre-screening, workforce development, and executive coaching. In one succinct report, TriMetrix DNA combines the power of DISC, 12 Driving Forces, and core competencies to give you a no-adverse impact, EEOC and OFCCP compliant, predictive indicator of workplace success. 

Validated research has found that using DISC alone, the first science used in TriMetrix DNA, results in 60% accuracy. When you add motivators into the equation, the second science used, predictability increases to 84%. And, when you include competencies, the third science of our assessment, predictability increases to 92%. 

Talent Team Insights

Increase the understanding of your team's makeup with insight into the group's behaviors and driving forces. Revealing a team's potential by identifying strengths and weaknesses will lead to personal and professional development and a higher level of productivity.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Measure the ability to leverage emotional intelligence in collaborative environments by assessing Behaviors, 12 Driving Forces and Emotional Intelligence, with EQI-2.0. This test is not designed to be used in pre-employment screening, but can be effectively used for employee and team development.

Talent Palette Assessment

Soon, you will be able to identify the core attributes of difference making top talent with the Talent Palette Assessment—a tool that pinpoints highly talented, able, pleasant, team building, coachable, humble, and highly emotionally intelligent candidates.

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