Executive Coaching

At ePraxis, we specialize in executive coaching for small-to-medium sized businesses generating $10 million or more in revenue. Whether you're an owner, the CEO of a fast growing INC 500 business, first-time or seasoned executive, or in-line to receive the family business, we've seen it all. Using coaching methodologies studied and practiced by the most prestigious institutions worldwide, we help you get unstuck.

Reach your full potential

At ePraxis, we value the Socratic method and use powerful questioning to help our clients achieve their full potential. We have patterned our executive coaching model in alignment with the ICF and IAC coaching guidelines. We contract with our clients, and partner with them in the co-creation of coaching goals and objectives. We use industry leading psychometric tests and tools to learn more about our clients needs and raise awareness of gaps of capability or competency. 

We help our coaching clients find their voice and passion, and seek to ignite, inspire, and empower them. When our clients are stuck, we help them get unstuck. As coaches, we view our role as the 'chief tormentors' as we ask the hard questions. After raising issues or identifying opportunities, we help our clients ideate, brainstorm, and raise their sights and vision. Through this process, we seek to help our clients achieve their highest potential. We deal with the full person, working on business, professional development, and personal issues—particularly when they impact the performance of the company.

Enjoy a tailored coaching program

ePraxis offers executive coaching services for chief executives, business owners, CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives. Our executive coaching programs are custom tailored to your needs. Our executive coaching agreements typically start with an exploratory one month period, followed by six to twelve month term renewable engagements. Coaching frequency is up to the client and we offer 1, 2, and 3 session per month options. Coaching sessions range from 45 min, 60 min, and 90 min lengths and are conducted on zoom video, by phone, or in-person at the client's request. When dealing with company sponsors, we frequently pattern management Triads to coordinate coaching, learning, and progress objectives with management and our coaching client, the executive being coached.

Importantly, when demands of our clients exceed typical coaching  parameters, we have the ability to provide mentoring, management consulting, and training. However, for the purposes of coaching, these allied service offerings are not coaching, and we are likely to recommend other resources to support these requests, particularly when to perform them ourselves would compromise our coaching relationship with our clients. A rate card is provided to our clients for these special case needs that are outside the coaching agreement.

Our approach

Since our founding 10+ years ago, research has been at the forefront of everything we do. From research conducted by our own team and findings distributed by our partners, to papers published by coaching institutions and case studies managed by health organizations, we coach you using the best-in-class methods. Visit our Insights portal to get a glimpse into our own coaching practice and see what we've found.


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