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Break down barriers & grow

At ePraxis, we specialize in executive coaching for small-to-medium sized businesses generating $10 million or more in revenue. Whether you're an owner, the CEO of a fast growing INC 500 business, first-time or seasoned executive, or in-line to receive the family business, we've seen it all. Break down barriers, get 'unstuck,' and reach your potential with coaching methodologies studied and practiced by the most prestigious institutions worldwide.

Our proven methodology

A glimpse into working with us

With 7,500+ hours of executive coaching throughout Northern America and 800+ hours of advanced training, ePraxis' CEO, Severin Sorensen, is an ICF ACSTH Certified Executive Coach, Certified Organizational Development Coach, and Certified Life Coach. Because of his passion for coaching, he began an organization dedicated to improving an executive coach's ability to positively impact your life. Check it out and get a glimpse into the coaching methods and practices used by ePraxis, and others in the industry, and see for yourself the impact coaching could have for you.

Take your coaching one step further

Improve your mental fitness with a program that improves your overall productivity, efficiency, and happiness.

Featured insights

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