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At ePraxis, we believe that 'praxis makes permanent.' Through scientific method, we artfully provide premier level executive search, talent selection, executive coaching and other services that support business growth.

Executive Search

ePraxis is a premier level headhunting retained executive search firm with reputation and experience in finding find top talent for especially for hard to fill positions. With abundant sourcing systems and science-based selection methods, ePraxis has the demonstrated ability to routinely identify, locate, and source a number of individuals that meet the specific parameters of qualifications, experience, skills, and background desired by clients.

Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

At ePraxis, we specialize in executive coaching for small-to-medium sized businesses generating $10 million or more in revenue. Whether you're an owner, the CEO of a fast growing INC 500 business, first-time or seasoned executive, or in-line to receive the family business, we've seen it all. Using coaching methodologies studied and practiced by the most prestigious institutions worldwide, we help you get unstuck.

Business Consultation

Executive Peer Groups

Online executive peer groups are ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives who are thinking about their next generation of leaders, building out their executive team, undergoing high revenue growth, or just trying to get 'unstuck.' ePraxis seeks curiosity-minded, lifetime learners who are sufficiently humble and engaged in the pursuit of life-long personal and professional growth.

Virtual Team Meeting

Talent Selection

As masters of the science of candidate search and selection, ePraxis uses research-based methods and techniques in every search engagement. This includes preparation of a rubric of science-based methods, including a system for algorithmic-based talent selection to screen and select talent. Over time, we have learned the tools and processes necessary to help us test candidates and find difference-making talent.

Business Meeting

Keynote Speaker

Train your teams with a speaking engagement, short-term workshop, or long-term training course that supports personal and professional growth. Whichever path you choose, reap the benefits of working with experienced advisors who have 500+ group sessions and speaking engagements under their belt. Whether you're looking for a virtual or in-person engagement, ePraxis tailors each session to your specific needs.


Positive Intelligence

Physical fitness has been at the forefront of the education, conversation and literature we consume on how to live healthily. What's most often forgotten is the importance of mental fitness in achieving your full potential. To improve your mental fitness today and the years to come, we have partnered with Shirzad Chamine, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, to give you a program that improves your overall productivity, efficiency, and happiness.


Psychometric Assessments

Interviews alone have proved insufficient in determining a candidate’s fitness for a given position. Social scientists have developed psychometric assessments to better inform an employer about an individual candidate’s underlying behaviors, motivations, and core competencies. Psychometric and competency based tools that ePraxis routinely uses in its headhunting and talent selection practice include: Wonderlic (WPT), DISC, and TriMetrixDNA.

Workers at Their Computers


The TALENT PALETTE is a useful paradigm and teaching tool for helping train business leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, and other individuals interested in the attributes of high performing difference making talent. Importantly, when you hire ePraxis, our TALENT PALETTE professional advisors use the methodology to help you reach your own, and your organization’s, full potential.


Looking for something?

Interested in working with ePraxis, but not sure if we offer what you're looking for? We'd love to chat. While the services above are what we specialize in, we often create custom solutions for clients with specific needs.

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