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Headhunting, sometimes called ‘executive search’ or ‘executive recruiting’ is the activity of locating, sourcing and screening top talent to find the ‘differencing making’ talent needed for companies to help them turnaround, grow, invent, sell, and move to the next level in their businesses.

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Talent Selection

Beyond sourcing talent, “talent selection” is the most important function and value of the professional search firm for our clients. For many companies, they will only fill one or two key positions in a year, whereas a search fir

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Executive Coaching

Hello, my name is Severin Sorensen, and I am a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach — and lifetime learner. I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years, excepting a brief stint in the White House where I was a Special Assistant to the President for George HW Bush (POTUS 41).

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