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Executive Peer Groups

Online executive peer groups are ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Presidents, and C-level executives who are thinking about their next generation of leaders, building out their executive team, undergoing high revenue growth, or just trying to get 'unstuck.' ePraxis seeks curiosity-minded, lifetime learners who are sufficiently humble and engaged in the pursuit of life-long personal and professional growth.

Breakthrough issues & grow

Online executive peer groups are led by certified coaches and are comprised of 8-16 members—ensuring that all members are united in their interests, business sizes, sophistication, and growth objectives. To ensure a safe space for exploring issues and identifying solutions, candidates for peer groups are vetted, pre-qualified, and screened for potential conflicts of interest with existing group members.


Once part of a peer group, executives dedicate four hours via Zoom to structured meetings that encompass learning and processing of member issues and opportunities. In times of crises, the group may decide to shift the pre-determined schedule.

All meetings are virtual, allowing members from all geographies to partake and benefit from the program. If you're interested in joining an executive peer group, contact us. 

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