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About Us

ePraxis accelerates executive growth and business improvement through executive search (otherwise known as executive recruiting or headhunting), talent selection, and transformational executive coaching. Focused on scientific methods, ePraxis brings leading research, methods, systems, tools, and algorithms into your everyday business so you achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

We exist to help you get 'unstuck'

ePraxis provides executive coaching, skills development, training, peer-group networking and learning environments to create meaningful change. The tools and resources leveraged transcend business lines and can be appropriately applied to almost all business settings where business process improvements are needed.


We help executive teams identify issues and develop actionable plans to navigate the stormy seas of competitive markets trends, aging product and company life cycles, business crises, management transitions, and personal and professional development.

Using the state-of-the-art Kaizen processes and LEAN Management tools, we are able to assist our clients in preparing management plans, metrics, and mechanisms to bring about desired improvements.

Team High Five

Schlegel, VP Talent

[ePraxis] challenges the status quo and focuses on long-term goals. [They] are highly trusted.


Walkenhorst, GM

With all of your experience, you have a unique way of looking at things in the business world, which I need.


Moon, CEO

I have never experienced anything like it in the 26 years I have been running companies.


Jensen, CEO

I have referred [ePraxis] to numerous people who needed business advice. I highly value [their] advice.

A note from our CEO

"Simply put, we help small and medium size businesses and their leaders get unstuck. For our clients, we're their 'Chief Tormentor.' In a "carefrontational" way, we ask CEOs the hard questions, call out their hidden issues, question their answers, and help them define actionable steps to grow. For better questions, better decisions, and better results, let's talk."

- Severin Sorensen

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