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Leverage our AI-powered executive search strategies and tools to find top talent for even the most challenging positions with our proven 10-step proprietary process. Our comprehensive 360-degree approach to candidate selection provides deep insights into each candidate's motivations, drivers, likelihood of success, and cultural fit, ensuring you make informed and confident hiring decisions.

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Family-owned businesses are likely to be the oldest form of a business organization. In these businesses, the entrepreneurial spirit changes over its inheritance through generations and the need for external executive talent is common. When hiring new CEOs or executive leaders, the business must ensure that not only the new hire is qualified and experienced, but also able to merge well with the pre-established culture and values of the company. Listen to Severin Sorensen, CEO of ePraxis, cover these topics and review his scientifically proven 10-step strategy for hiring new executive talent on the Arete Coach Podcast.

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