Executive Search

ePraxis is a premier level headhunting retained executive search firm with reputation and experience in finding find top talent for especially for hard to fill positions. With abundant sourcing systems and science-based selection methods, ePraxis has the demonstrated ability to routinely identify, locate, and source a number of individuals that meet the specific parameters of qualifications, experience, skills, and background desired by clients.

Find your difference maker

Executive search requests don't always come from the need to fill a position. They also come with a request for consulting on the replacement of an existing role or integration of a new one. Whether the request is to fill, replace, or integrate, typical executive search hires include: CEO, President, General Manager, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, VP Sales and Marketing, General Counsel, VP Talent / Human Resources, EOS implementor, Controller, and other key positions within the firm. Executive search can also be used to find board members and trusted advisors to guide the executive leadership and team.

The methodology behind the ePraxis executive search process is based on behavioral due diligence. This system improves upon the concept of ‘hire slow’ with our own ‘fail fast’ methodology of testing and stressing candidate prospects during the selection process to identify and compare star-talent using objective, quantifiable metrics.

We understand that hiring a new executive is key to growing your business. That's why we track progress in our proprietary talent application tracking system, record interviews, and document results of all stress and psychometric tests—to ensure you understand how our candidate recommendations came to be.

Approach to selection

At ePraxis, we follow a 10 step-by-step high yield funnel management process that starts with determining the need, defining the job position, preparing behavioral position descriptions, identifying a sourcing strategy, and other strategic steps to ensure your need is met. Once the aforementioned are executed, ePraxis systematically identifies and approaches potential targets of opportunity through over 35 sourcing methods and strategies for finding talent.

Our retained search clients call on ePraxis for headhunter services for five reasons: (a) our ability to listen to clients and determine their talent needs, (b) our ability to create a detailed position profile and behavioral job description, (c) our ability to source talent from many pools of streams of labor, (d) our keen sense of discernment and wisdom in talent screening and selection, supported by our science-based screening and selection tool, algorithms, and collection of decision-making information, and (e) our speed of finding great fitting talent as soon as possible within days, weeks, or months—depending on the difficulty of the search.

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