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Talent Selection

As masters of the science of candidate search and selection, ePraxis uses research-based methods and techniques in every search engagement. This includes preparation of a rubric of science-based methods, including a system for algorithmic-based talent selection to screen and select talent. Over time, we have learned the tools and processes necessary to help us test candidates and find difference-making talent.

Confidently find & select top talent 

Beyond sourcing talent, talent selection is the most important function and value of our professional search firm for our clients. Many companies will only fill one or two key positions in a year, whereas a search firm will place many key positions which gives the search firm a particular advantage in assessing talent and screening for critical must-have traits of candidate success. Over the years, art form has been replaced by science and research-based learning on what works, and what does not work in candidate screening and selection.

With the support of our senior talent recruiters—all of whom are former HR or talent executives at some of the nation's most desirable firms like Adobe and Wells Fargo—we are proud of our strong track record of effectively identifying, screening, and selecting difference making top talent. We have learned that one cannot short-circuit and speed up the structured business process and expect the same results as if you followed our hiring system. Short-circuiting the process, skipping or bypassing key steps, and not sufficiently testing candidates prior to hire, can result in unintended consequence of poor hires.

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Approach to selection

It is said that ‘the past is prologue’ and this is certainly true in identifying top talent. In talent selection, a candidate’s past is one of the best predictors of a candidate’s future, and provides the recruiter with many markers, or indicators of a candidate’s future performance. ePraxis has identified dozens of predictive behavioral and experiential markers that are identifiable from a candidates past behaviors and performance. These markers, or tell-tale signs, provide ePraxis’ talent selection team with a view to a candidate's current and future success. These talent selection markers, when identified in a candidate, can predict future conditions and set performance expectations.

ePraxis has found that behavioral interviewing is much more reliable in predicting a candidate's future likelihood of success, than asking hypothetical questions about what a candidate might do in a certain situation. At ePraxis, we not only listen to a candidate’s answers to questions, we review their behavioral and work history, and we look for patterns of behavior that are demonstrated throughout a candidate’s life. Detection of behaviors, motivations, and core competencies is identified in client applications, communications, homework assignments, interview results, and our psychometric tests such as the TriMetrixDNA assessment.

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