Title : Chief Financial Officer (CFO) subsequently promoted to President

Client: ATL Technologies (OEM Biomedical Device Manufacturer)

Completed: 2014

ePraxis Candidate Still Employed: Yes (4+ years)



New Candidate Years with Company: 4+ years.  In 2014, ePraxis was retained to conduct a global search for a first-class CFO with international operations and finance experience for a multi-national OEM biomedical device manufacturing company.  ePraxis ran its proprietary high yield funnel model sourcing and selection process and working with the client determined the top candidate for the position who was subsequently hired as the new CFO. The first weeks and months of the CFO were above expectation and the CEO gave the CFO increasingly more responsible assignments.  Within six months of hire as the CFO, the CFO was promoted to CFO/COO, and within 18 more months, the CFO was promoted to be President, where he continues this day. 

Candidate sourced was a 'been-there-done-that' executive who had previously operated a $200 multi-million dollar business; he was a true find and 'difference-maker'.  Shown below are some data points observable from the search for this CFO candidate.

New Hire’s key contribution: Strategic Thinking. M&A. Deep management experience. Forward-thinking. Analytical, Un-exhaustible energy, Team-Building, Strategic Thinking, drive, grit, and persistence

Client Candidate’s Rating: A+ Difference Maker

ePraxis Search Characteristics

Behavioral Profile Created for Position
Behavioral Position Description Prepared
Multi-source candidate cultivation strategy implemented

74 Candidates sourced in Talent Pool
27 Candidates phone interviewed
10 Candidates panel interviewed
9 Candidates given homework
9 Candidates submit homework
4 Finalists selected
1 Candidate placed

Key Observed Pre-Hire Candidate Trait: Continual improvement; weekly progression, and build-out as the ideal candidate.

At ePraxis, we run the American Idol program for Executive Talent; every test, every phase, every demonstration challenges the candidates and they need to rise to the challenge each time. The candidate that won this key international position showed more persistence, growth, and development at each transition of the selection process.  The candidate has a keen intellect matched by his mind, analysis, and clarity. We created a diagnostic to match the client's personality and skills set with the candidates, and this proved useful for alignment of goodness of fit. The candidate leap frogged ahead of all others during the post-panel homework phase, and it was clear he was the #1 candidate thereafter. During the finals interview we gave the candidates a 24 hour research question about international taxation in multiple operating countries; two candidates immediately dropped out. But not our top performers. Ultimately a candidate was chosen that met the tests and fit the culture requirements of the firm.

The subsequent performance and contribution of the new hire was so great. Difference Makers are known by their curiosity, lifetime learning, and contributions, frequently being able to be promoted three times... as in this candidate who moved from CFO, to COO, and now President of the company.