Title : CEO

Client : Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS)

Search Completed : 2014



New Candidate Hire’s Years with Company: 3.5+ years as CEO of the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS). 
New Hire’s key contribution: Moxy. Forward-thinking. Creativity, Team-Building, Strategic Thinking, Culture, Resilience, Persistence
Client Candidate’s Rating: A+ Difference Maker

ePraxis Search Characteristics

Behavioral Profile Created for Position
Behavioral Position Description Prepared
Multi-source candidate cultivation strategy implemented

98 Candidates sourced in Talent Pool
35 Candidates phone interviewed
10 Candidates panel interviewed
9 Candidates given homework
9 Candidates submit homework
3 Finalists selected
1 Candidate placed

Key Observed Pre-Hire Candidate Trait: Continual improvement; weekly progression, and build-out as the ideal candidate. At ePraxis, we run the American Idol program for Executive Talent; every test, every phase, every demonstration challenges the candidates and they need to rise to the challenge each time. The candidate that won this elite job showed more persistence, growth, and development at each transition of the selection process.  The candidate has a keen intellect matched by her moxy, grit, and forward-thinking. What was so interesting is how at each test, the candidate rose to a higher level of performance, passing others that on paper seemed more qualified. What truly won this opportunity for the candidate was their judgement, perception, and proactivity. On the finals interview she surprised and delighted the panel with printed invitations to her future reception and announcement party as the named CEO, with a cocktail reception in keeping with the real estate industry conventional practices. It was unexpected, delightful, showed great forethought, and gave the committee an opportunity to see the candidate in the role.  When it was all over, it was a unanimous decision and the candidate surprised to the upside at each occasion. What is important to remember in this search is that this wonderful candidate, this Difference Maker, was candidate 31 in the pre-phone interview ranks, and thereafter she climbed up to be selected in the top 10 for the panel interviews, in the top three for finals, and the top candidate when the selection was completed. She truly was the best all around candidate with high emotional intelligence and she continues in her role as CEO now for 3.5+ years and going.