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Google Bard Elevates Business Efficiency for the Modern Executive

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital innovation, Google has once again raised the bar. On September 19, 2023, the tech giant unveiled a groundbreaking integration of Google Bard into its G-Suite services. Tailored for the discerning executive coach, business leader, and CEO, this insight article aims to shed light on Google Bard’s ability to redefine productivity, planning, and professional development.

This article was originally published on Arete Coach and has been re-written and approved for placement by Arete Coach on ePraxis. Scroll to continue reading or click here to read the original article.

The dawn of Google Bard: a game-changer for business leaders

For those at the helm of industry, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Google Bard, the latest conversational AI tool from Google, offers an unparalleled advantage. While its functionality may remind some of ChatGPT, Google Bard's seamless integration with the Google ecosystem sets it apart.

Google describes Bard as "a revolutionary tool designed to ignite creativity and simplify complex ideas." Beyond generating text and translating languages, Bard excels in crafting diverse creative content. Its prowess lies in its ability to pull real-time information from a plethora of Google services, ensuring that business leaders have the world's information at their fingertips.

Google Bard's integration: a symphony of services

As of its recent update, Google Bard can now tap into Google Maps, Flights, Hotels, and even YouTube. This means that whether you're planning a business trip or seeking an inspirational video for your next team meeting, Bard has you covered. And for those who rely heavily on Google Workspace, Bard's integration allows for swift access to content from Docs, Drive, and Gmail, all while ensuring utmost privacy.

Revolutionizing business travel with Google Bard

Imagine planning a business trip without the hassle of juggling multiple apps and services. With Google Bard, this becomes a reality. By simply inputting your travel details and preferences, Bard curates a comprehensive list of flight, restaurant, and hotel recommendations. For instance, a prompt like, “Can you help me plan a trip to Los Angeles, California from Miami, Florida for business? I will need to travel November 4-6 and am looking for flight, restaurant, and hotel recommendations,” yields a meticulously crafted itinerary, ensuring that business leaders can focus on what truly matters.

The following image showcases Google Bard's response to the aforementioned prompt:

Empowering continuous learning through Google Bard

In the age of information, continuous learning is the key to leadership success. Google Bard's integration with YouTube unlocks a treasure trove of knowledge. Whether you're seeking a TEDx talk on employee engagement or a tutorial on the latest industry trends, Bard's AI-driven recommendations ensure that you're always a step ahead. For instance, consider the query: “I'm looking for an inspirational TEDx video about employee engagement. Is there one that you would recommend that's very popular and has high ratings? Please provide the video with your recommendations.”

The following image showcases Google Bard's response to the aforementioned prompt:

Boosting productivity with Google Bard's Workspace integration

The modern executive thrives on efficiency. With Google Bard's recent connection to Google Workspace, AI-driven productivity is no longer a distant dream. Integrating Bard into your Workspace is a breeze, and once set up, the possibilities are endless. From drafting emails to organizing files, Bard promises to be the executive assistant every business leader has been waiting for.

We understand that not every business operates within the Google ecosystem. Therefore, we've tailored the content below for individual users, ensuring accessibility for all. To complete your Google Bard x Google Workspace connection on your personal Gmail account, follow the steps below:

  • Click here to access the Google Bard extension page

  • Make sure all switches are in the "on" position, especially the one labeled "Google Workspace."

  • With all toggles activated, you're ready to begin using Bard!

Maximizing Google Bard x Workspace: Sample Queries

Among the many applications of Bard’s Workspace integration, we've highlighted four specific use cases we've tested, along with the results for each. Specifics have been concealed to protect privacy.

Document enhancement

Want Google Bard to evaluate a document? Use this format for your query: “In my '[Document Name]' on Google Drive, how can the content be improved?” For instance, when we wanted Bard to assess a recent article from, we asked, “In my 'Evolution of the Coaching Industry & Adaptation of Coach Education' document on Google Drive, how can the content be improved?” Check out Bard's feedback below.

Document retrieval

Can't find a document you made some time ago? Let Bard assist you in locating it. With its search capabilities, retrieving your older files is more straightforward than ever. In the following example, we requested Bard's help to locate an older itinerary we had made.

Email management

Returning from a break to a flooded inbox? Let Bard assist you in sorting through your emails. Simply inquire: “How many unread emails are in my inbox? And which ones should I address first?”

Email replies

Looking to expedite your email responses? Let Bard assist you in crafting articulate replies and addressing queries. To demonstrate its capabilities, we simulated an email request for an insightful article on Artificial Intelligence, specifically asking the recipient to suggest three topics for our review before commencing. We then sought Bard's input on how best to reply. Find Bard's crafted response below.

The main takeaway

Google Bard's integration into the G-Suite of services is not just an upgrade; it's a paradigm shift. For the modern executive, this means more than just convenience—it signifies the dawn of a new era of business leadership, powered by AI.

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