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AI Management Consulting

At ePraxis, our AI Management Consulting services span the entire AI implementation journey. We start with a comprehensive diagnostic needs assessment, modeled on best practices from leading firms like McKinsey and Booz-Allen, to evaluate your organization’s AI readiness and integration levels. We identify critical connections for effective AI implementation and act as management representatives for AI projects. Our services emphasize ethical AI, bias avoidance, and research-based applications to ensure the best use cases. We are committed to uplifting humanity and harnessing AI's potential for positive impact.

Beyond implementation, we educate and empower your team, teaching them to leverage AI independently for sustainable success. Our goal is to equip your organization with AI capabilities that foster independence and growth, ensuring you're prepared for the future while maximizing current opportunities. Partner with ePraxis to navigate the AI landscape effectively and ethically.

Ethical AI that Serves The Best of Humanity

AI Management Consulting Services at ePraxis


At ePraxis, we offer comprehensive AI Management Consulting services that cover the entire spectrum of AI implementation across your enterprise. Our approach includes:

Comprehensive AI Diagnostic Needs Assessment: We begin with a thorough assessment of your organization's AI needs and readiness, modeled on best practices from leading firms like McKinsey, Booz-Allen, and Korn Ferry.

Organizational Readiness Evaluation: We evaluate your organization's readiness for AI integration, using established frameworks to gauge current levels of AI participation and integration, tailored to your stage, appropriateness, and budget.

Identification of Last-Mile Connections: We pinpoint the critical connections and services necessary for effective AI implementation.

Management Representation for AI Projects: We can act as your management representatives for AI installation projects, ensuring seamless execution.

Educational Support: Beyond implementation, we focus on educating and empowering your team, teaching them to leverage AI independently for long-term success.

Ethical AI and Bias Avoidance: We emphasize ethical AI practices, ensuring bias avoidance, and using research-based applications to promote best use cases.

Uplifting Humanity and Harvesting Opportunity: Our approach seeks to uplift humanity and harness AI's potential for positive impact and growth.

Our goal is to enable your organization with AI capabilities, fostering independence and sustainable growth through expert guidance and support.

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The AI Whisperer Series

Severin Sorensen's "The AI Whisperer" series is a comprehensive guide designed to help SMB business users engage more effectively with artificial intelligence. Through a structured and accessible approach, the series delves into the practical applications of AI, offering insights on how to leverage this transformative technology to drive business growth and efficiency. Each volume covers critical aspects of AI integration, from foundational concepts and diagnostic assessments to advanced strategies for maximizing AI-driven insights. By demystifying AI and presenting it in a user-friendly manner, Sorensen empowers business leaders to harness the full potential of AI in their operations.

The series comprises four essential volumes.

Book 1: The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT for Business introduces the use of conversational AI to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations.


Book 2: The AI Whisperer Draws: AI Art Made Easy for the Non-Technical User Through MidJourney explores creating AI-generated art, making sophisticated design accessible to everyone.


Book 3: The AI Whisperer Wizard Words: ChatGPT Semantic Tokens, Keywords, & Phrases for Business focuses on optimizing language models for business applications, enhancing communication and marketing strategies.


Finally, Book 4: The AI Whisperer Life Hacks: AI for Everyday Users, Transforming Your Life with Smart Prompts and Practical Tips provides practical AI applications for daily use, offering smart prompts and tips to improve personal and professional life. Together, these volumes equip SMB leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively integrate AI into their business strategies, ensuring they remain competitive in a digital world.

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