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Hello, my name is Severin Sorensen, and I am a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach — and lifetime learner. I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years, excepting a brief stint in the White House where I was a Special Assistant to the President for George HW Bush (POTUS 41). As a serial entrepreneur, I appreciate the great value that ‘A” players, “difference making rockstars.” contribute to startup, turnarounds, growth businesses, technology development, succession planning, and businesses success in general. I treasure the sage advice of Jim Collins in “Good to Great” where he defines that “getting the right people on the bus” is central to getting the bus moving with velocity, and ensuring that the bus is going in right direction on a vector leading to success. I fully embrace Collin’s finding of “first the people, then the direction.”

In each of the start-up companies that I have built, I have quickly exhausted the number of immediately available top talent that I have known, thus requiring that I go out and scout, search, and cultivate top talent. This lifetime of practice of searching, sourcing, selecting, screening, hiring, and on-boarding difference making top talent has become a steady diet of activity for me, and is one reason why many of the companies that I work grow some 3x or more after working together.

Having learned that finding difference making talent is the key to human capital management and success in growing businesses, I have made a life’s passion of mastering the best practices, research, science, technology, and art of headhunting for top talent. My focus today is on helping as many executives and companies as possible find truly great talent to accelerate their businesses, and unleash the creative entrepreneurial spirits that difference makers can bring to enterprises. Through ePraxis, our headhunting services have international reach and are performed with a team of highly experienced senior human capital management, recruiters, and HR professionals.

In addition to my headhunting activities, I am drawn to helping executives grow and manage their businesses more profitably. Executive coaching and mentoring helped me personally become a much more effective leader, and it led to the successful build-up and sale of several business units. From 1999-2004 I myself received valuable executive coaching and benefited from a powerful executive peer group experience in Washington, DC with a super executive coach and peer group. Ever since this transformational experience, I have been a strong believer in the one-to-one executive coaching model, and executive peer group learning and growth. In fact, I found the coaching and executive peer group experience so valuable that I accepted an invitation to become a Vistage Chair (2010-2018) where I had a wonderful experience organizing, coaching, and facilitating three Vistage executive peer groups (for serial entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners, and key executives of fast growing companies). While I stepped away from Vistage Chairing on December 31, 2018, I remain an advocate of Vistage, as I believe that they are the best available one-to-one executive coaching and peer group experience.

In my own personal executive coaching journey, perhaps what I am most proud of in my work life, is my work life balance achieved through great effort, coaching, practice, and discipline. In my early twenties and thirties, I was a ‘human-doing’, e.g., a workaholic, and it was not uncommon for me to work 6.5 days per week, and some years I posted greater than 3,400+ hours of work; energy and the ability to work longer hours seemed like my super power; and I knew that this was not sustainable. Working with my own executive coaching and using time activity analysis, I was able to change this up, focusing on the Pareto principle (80:20) rule, and today I seem to get more done, with less energy and time than ever before. Giving me more time to be a ‘human-being’, not just a human-doing. With executive focus, strategy, innovation, and hard work, I was able to grow my own company at INC 500 growth rates (700% over five years) and was thereafter fortunate to sell this same company in 2005, with a sales price 3x more than my industry peers. I would like to help you do the same.

Today, in addition to work, I routinely strive to take one-week of vacation per month to keep my mind fresh, focus on family, and recharge my batteries; and this life balance I learned myself at Vistage as a CEO member over a decade ago. Today, I thrive on helping business owners and executives accelerate their growth to INC 500 pace with a common goal of tripling their companies key metrics in 3-5 years while maintaining life balance; something of a management hat trick, and certainly a worthy goal.

ePraxis‘ provides one-to-one executive coaching for business owners, CEOs, and Presidents on a monthly basis. Our executive coaching is focused on you and your business, and promises to be transformational. We work on all aspects of your business from the business model, your management team, and your ability to execute your business plan.  We pay particular attention to benchmarking our clients growth through building their enterprise value using our coaching metrics, tools, and exercises. Clients coached by ePraxis range from the low millions to multi-billion dollar enterprises with global footprints. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you would like a free “test drive” coaching session then contact us with your request and let’s get started to see if one-to-one coaching is right for you.

Now some have asked, did I start out wanting to be a headhunter or executive coach; no.  However I have learned that these two skill sets were largely responsible for my own successes, and with a heart of abundance, I want to share what I have learned with others…to make their lives more meaningful and successful, if they are teachable.

While past performance is no guarantee of future success, I can assure you that my focus on coaching you and your business will be transformational, analytical, actionable, energizing, and will surely set your footsteps on good footing for the future. I guarantee it.

Beyond “executive coaching” ePraxis offers a menu of transformational change process services that surround analysis, coaching, and execution. Examples of activities include:

  • Executive coaching for other C-level executives on the owners management team;
  • Executive recruiting key-executive hires in alignment with executive ‘bus’ direction
  • Management Consulting on specific issues, analysis, and execution tasks
  • Strategic Planning for transformational change (new product, new service)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Facilitation of Change Process Meetings
  • Ad Hoc Senior Executive Appointments
  • Project Management
  • Online Training
  • Live Training
  • Other services not elsewhere defined

So if you are interested in executive coaching for transformational change, please consider contacting me to discuss how I might help you achieve your dreams and goals.

About Severin Sorensen

Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & former Vistage Chair (2010-2018), with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.

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