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Vistage Utah Hosts All City Event for CEOs with Keynoters Cameron Herold & Evan Bailyn

On Thursday, 10/23/14, Vistage Utah hosted its annual All City Event for Utah CEOs, business owners, and other CXOs. The event was held at the Miller Innovation Center on the campus of the Salt Lake Community College. Cameron Herold kicked off the meeting with his presentation on 'double-double', the title of his book, and his pledge to help businesses grow quickly and intentionally in a few short years.

He started out his presentation with a call for business owners to create a 'vivid vision'. He reviewed the importance of developing a vivid vision, something more exhaustive than a typical vision statement. From his presentation and chapter 1 of his book, comes Herold's Vivid Vision Checklist:

Cameron says, "Pretend you traveled in a time machine into the future. The date is December 31.

Three years from now. You are walking around your company’s offices with a clipboard in hand.

  • What do you see?

  • What do you hear?

  • What are clients saying?

  • What does the media write about you?

  • What kind of comments are your employees making at the water cooler?

  • What is the buzz about you in your community?

  • What is your marketing like? Are you marketing your goods/ services globally now? Are you launching new online and TV ads?

  • How is the company running day to day? Is it organized and running like a clock?

  • What kind of stuff do you do every day? Are you focused on strategy, team building, customer relationships, etc.?

  • What do the company’s financials reveal?

  • How are you funded now?

  • How are your core values being realized among your employees?"

This is good advice. For more information I encourage readers to purchase Cameron's book on Amazon.


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