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Vistage Utah Host's Annual All-City Event for Utah CEOs and business owners

On Thursday, 10/23/14, Utah's Vistage Chair community hosted our Annual Vistage Utah All-City Event at the Miller Conference Center on the campus of Salt Lake Community College. The event was for Vistage member CEOs, Presidents, GMs, business owners, and high level CXOs.

This year's keynote speakers were Cameron Herold, a co-founder and COO of 800-Got-Junk, who helped that company rise from $6 million to $108 million in a few quick years. Cameron spoke to Vistage members and guests about the "Double, Double." The concept of doubling revenue and profit in three years. He presented his system of best practices. My favorite take aways were his demonstration of the daily huddle, and video he shared of the huddle.

We also heard from keynoter Evan Bailyn, an SEO guru, and author of Beating Google. Evan shared many tips and tools with Vistage members and guests on the importance of strategic planning of your websites, SEO management tactics, and creative and content advice. It is now a game of provisioning quality content and a regular basis, and getting others to voluntarily link your good content to their websites. Evan shared several good examples of good SEO, and spent a few minutes analyzing several participant websites to teach all what to look for and improve in their sites.

As the Chairman of this year's Vistage Utah All City Event, it was a good exercise and event. Much knowledge was transferred, and many CEOs were energized to get out there, and do it.


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