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Vistage Speaker - Sorensen on "Identifying Difference Making Top Talent"

It was my pleasure this morning to speak to an Atlanta based Vistage Chief Executive Group (CE 3850) chaired by Jay McDonald. Each month Vistage peer executive groups around the globe get together to discuss business issues and frequently this involves the presentation of a Vistage speaker. Today, I was the speaker in Atlanta.

I spoke on the topic of "Identifying Difference Making Top Talent." Difference makers are important because they are more than top talent, they deliver in many other ways. ePraxis has an executive search capability with much experience in identifying difference makers who move the performance needle for their companies. I strongly believe that a CEO's job is to consistently and routinely identify, capture, and retain a difference maker for many businesses is an important key to success, as attracting, capturing, developing, and nurturing people is required in a growing organization.

Consistently attracting and capturing top game-­‐ changing talent, individuals we call ‘difference makers,’ is a “must have skill set” for any business to thrive; it is the core business and strength of ePraxis. Successful CEOs learn over time that people, and particularly talented people, are the true deciding variable in most enterprises. Consistently finding ‘difference making’ talent is critical for executives to master for sustainable company growth and business.

ePraxis has refined both the art and science of hiring, identifying difference makers regularly through our methodical retained executive search process. At ePraxis, we like to think that we help our clients hit the “Easy Button” when it comes to consistently hiring top talent that provide ‘difference making’ impact to their companies. As ePraxis’ defines them, ‘”difference makers” are game-­‐ changing impact players and include key executive talent “rock stars” and much needed technical employee utility players that great businesses and teams are built upon. Unfortunately, knowing that you need and want employee “difference makers” does not make them magically appear, nor help you retain them.

Our search and placement results are simply awesome compared to our peers; we are regularly placing ‘difference making talent’ in key positions throughout the USA. With our expert ability to identify and source top talent, and our unique behavioral screening process and system of candidate homework and screenings, we have an enviable successful track record of capturing talent. These positions we most frequently are retained to search for include: President, CEO, COO, CFO, COO, CMO, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Talent, HR Manager, VP Supply Chain, and Executive 2 Director positions. And for all these, the fate of the company frequently relies on the capable hands of difference making top talent brought in to improve bottom line profits, operations, and health of the companies...


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