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Neuro-marketing: the art of emotional persuasion

Today UT Vistage CE Group #3754 was treated to a lymbic feast of marketing and messaging drawing upon those deep and ancient emotions reached through the six stimuli of the old Reptilian Brain. Internationally renowned author and sales guru Patrick Renvoise cross-walked our Utah CEOs over the trail of research and science of the brain, wherein he laid out the sensory map leading to the proverbial 'buy button' in the brain. Patrick has personally closed more than $3 billion in sales so he is not knew to this business, but what was more exciting was to observe his didactic approach to teaching our members how to; determine the pain; stake your claims; demonstrate the gains; and appeal to the old reptilian brain.

Neuro-Marketing - Marketing to the 'Buy Button' in the Brain, by Patrick Renvoise

For our kick-off speaker, we could not have had a better or more dynamic presenter than Patrick. He is the co-author of "Neuro-Marketing - Is there a 'Buy Button' inside the Brain?" For Vistage, Patrick has trained CEOs from over 275 Vistage CEO Groups internationally, and he is one of the highest rated speakers in the Vistage speaker circuit. In 2008, Patrick received the "Above and Beyond" Award from Vistage International - the equivalent of speaker of the year award, besting some 1,000 experienced speakers.

The speaker presentation was a combination of speaker presentation, multi-media videos demonstrating key concepts, and break out sessions working on key aspects of discovery of messaging to reach the old brain.

Patrick told my Vistage members, "You need a maximum of 3 CLAIMS to help your customers quickly understand what resolution you can bring to their PAINS. Choosing CLAIMS is a process, not just a creative exercise. Your CLAIMS must appeal to the reptilian brain. Your CLAIMS need to separate you clearly from your competition with a unique, simple and tangible proposition. Finally, you need to scientifically convince with powerful proofs of GAIN."

"Once you have identify the PAINS, found your CLAIMS supported by GAIN proofs, you still need to use techniques engaging the decision-making part of your customer’s brain. To improve your closing ratio, you need a powerful research-based persuasion model that helps you drive more sales. By giving you a neuro-map of the decision-making process, you can learn to deliver the right message, and in the right way," remarked Patrick.

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Membership in a Vistage CEO Group is by invitation-only. For CEOs/Presidents/Business owners/Managing Partners that are "life-long learners" who think they would benefit from a challenging and supporting Vistage CEO Peer Group experience, and for key employees that desire to have their CEOs learn more about Vistage and our CEO Group, there remain a few open seats for qualified UT based CEOs operating businesses that are non-competitive to members within the group. Interested CEO's are invited to contact Severin Sorensen, Utah Vistage Chair, to see if a Vistage Group experience might be a good fit for you.


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