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25 Best Hacks, Tips & Best Practices for Improving B2C Consumer Engagement

I have been thinking much this past week about B2C engagement, and how to get website traction earlier in the startup business ramp up. So I put together a search routine looking for best practices in business to consumer (B2C) hacks, tips, and best practices. What I developed was a series of lists that seem to provide a basis for prioritizing engagement focus with consumers as job #1 in the website development strategy.

So here now please find my current mindshare on what is good, best, and worthwhile sharing.

25 Hacks, Tips, and Best Practices for improving B2C Engagement

  1. Call to action; the ask...

  2. Categories, Tags and Filters guide consumers

  3. Clustering

  4. Consumer peers associative shopping (ie., consumers who bought this... also bought this, etc.)

  5. Content, fresh, engaging, and lively

  6. Content filtering by specification types

  7. Copy, detailed and unique

  8. Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Crowdcontests, Crowdsforapurpose, etc.

  9. Customer needs identification

  10. Customer reviews and testimonials with face photo

  11. Gamification that attracts and engages

  12. Influencer network recommendations

  13. Integrated communications ecosystem around the customer

  14. Live chat (including video)

  15. Location based interactions

  16. Measurement, analytics, KPIs, and consumer behavior tracking

  17. Pitch the value proposition

  18. Product videos

  19. Provisioning - the art of customizing on the fly for consumer taste

  20. Responsive websites - that make it easy for consumers to view data

  21. Simplicity - 'helping your customers hit the "easy button"'

  22. Site search

  23. Social media content orchestration

  24. SEM / SEO

  25. Speed (of website and transaction)

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