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13 suggestions for finding a good-fitting EOS Implementer for your business

I preface my remarks by stating that I am a "Former EOS Implementer." This means expressly, that I no longer pay dues monthly to have access to the EOS Implementer Bootcamp, nor do I solicit companies to be their EOS Implementer, nor do I take any referral fee for referring business owners to high performing EOS Implementers. This does not mean that I have forgotten all that I have learned about EOS, or that I think anything less of EOS or their model. I continue to encourage business owners to consider the EOS model for their operating system.

Personally, I find intrinsic value in the EOS model (for its original content and all that it has borrowed from previously patterned paradigms published by Rockefeller Habits, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Patrick Lencioni, Michael Gerber, and many others).

I have from time-to-time queried my executive coaching peers for their top EOS Implementer referrals to give to my clients. In discussions with my executive coaching peers, there appear to be EOS Implementers who are good evangelists of the EOS model, and others that are good Implementers of the model. It is important to get referrals of EOS Implementers as not all have the same ability. Merely paying your dues to be a EOS implementer, nor being listed on the EOS Website does not guarantee that the implementer is a good one. Do your research.

Here are my suggestions for questions to ask when finding a good-fitting EOS Implementor.

  1. Search the EOS World website for a directory of current EOS Implementers in your area;

  2. Make a Google Search of "EOS Implementer" and your location (city or state); this will pick up some of the more cited or quoted implementers.

  3. Make a LinkedIn Search for EOS Implementors. This will produce a large list of potential individuals. Look at the years of experience, the background of the Implementor; if their prior work history is similar to yours, this could be a plus as they will have prior knowledge of your industry. Nonetheless, look at the references associated with the LinkedIn profiles of found EOS Implementers.

  4. Talk to others who have used EOS Implementers before.

  5. Consolidate your list of EOS Implementers, make contact, and get references from the EOS Implementors in your area.

  6. Ask the EOS Implementor.... what is your best customer experience with EOS Implementation... and was this repeatable? How many implementations of EOS have you completed? What percent had measurable results that were positive? How many of your implementation clients have given you referrals to their friends?

  7. Ask the EOS Implementor.... give me an example of your worst EOS Implementation; why was it your worst; was the problem correctable; what were the self-identified causes of poor implementation? Where did the client-business fail? What was the EOS Implementors role in the failure of execution; beware the Implementor that expresses... I have never failed; run from those.

  8. Ask the EOS Implementor... what tools they use or have developed to help their clients keep on track, monitor their quarterly goals, coordinate meetings, etc. Ask for a spreadsheet of their clients, financial performance and growth, and performance since implementing EOS. If they cannot produce meaningful results, be concerned.

  9. Ask how long their high performing EOS implementation clients stayed with them in the process, and what a wind-down of the facilitated experience looks like for them.

  10. Ask how the EOS Implementors kept involved and helped move the process of EOS implementation moving forward in the company.

  11. Ask for a detailed list of references; and call them. Don't be spooked into thinking that because an EOS Implementor provides references that they were all good experiences, or complete.

  12. Ask for the billable rates or fees of the EOS Implementors; it is mostly true that the seasoned and highly sought after implementors can charge more than others. Though don't be fooled by high rates; some of the new EOS Implementors are long-term CEO coaches that are just getting into the EOS system and they should be looked into for potential fit for your company.

  13. Lastly, spend a lot of time exploring the tempo, personality, pace, and delivery style of the EOS Implementor to ensure that they will be a good fit for your company culture.

In closing, whether you purchase the book "Traction" or "Rocket Fuel" and seek to self-instruct yourself on the EOS model, or you choose to get a paid EOS Implementor, either can be helpful if you will use the model. I wish you every success in your journey to build a great company with lasting value.


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