Candidate Psychometric Testing & Homework

At the root of ePraxis’ tree of talent selection methodologies, is a success formula based on careful recruiter listening, observation, and candidate behavior detection, and use of a cadre of science-based tools for determination of competency, behavioral, motivations, and skill based testing. The hallmark of ePraxis selection methodology is the preparation of specially determined homework assignments designed to confirm capability, determine competency levels, and ferret out greatness in candidates. Awesome candidates want to be seen and delight in demonstrating their hard-earned capabilities and strengths; nothing does this better than carefully crafted homework assignments. These assignments are then scored through a rubric of measures from verbal, numeracy, visualization, appropriateness, accuracy, innovation, and benchmarked against industry standards for key positions sought.

Psychometric and competency based tools that ePraxis routinely uses in it’s headhunting and talent selection practice include: Wonderlic (WPT), DISC, TriMetrixDNA, and specific industry competency tests. One of the most useful of these tests is the TriMetrixDNA that identifies a candidate’s or employee’s behavioral, motivation, and core competencies in the workplace. Each of these three core assessments have industry essential ‘no-adverse impact’ statements, meaning that the can be used effectively in pre-employment screening situations without risk of reprisal if administered correctly.

Employers are constantly striving to identify and hire top talent for their businesses. Interviews alone have proved insufficient to determine a candidate’s fitness for a given position. Social scientists have developed psychometric assessments to better inform an employer about an individual candidate’s underlying behaviors, motivations, and core competencies.

The TriMetrixDNA brings together into one assessment, three sciences, and exploring 48 metrics of behavior, motivations, and competencies. While no test can claim to reflect all human behaviors precisely, by self-report of ePraxis candidates tested, the TriMetrixDNA assessment has routinely identified human characteristics with greater than 95% accuracy.

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TriMetrixDNA combines behaviors (DISC), driving forces (Motivations) and core competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements.  TriMetrixDNA was developed by TTI and is licensed by ePraxis for use in candidate pre-screening, employee development, executive coaching, workforce development, and educational purposes.

Example table from TriMetrixDNA assessment identifying behavioral attributes of dominance, influencing, steadiness, and compliance (DISC).

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Obtain your own personalized “Executive Coaching” version of the TriMetrixDNA Assessment by contacting ePraxis today. Please contact us for availability and pricing for the TriMetrixDNA assessment today.

Additional psychometric assessments provided by ePraxis include the emotional intelligence assessment known as the EQi-2.0. This test is not designed to be used in pre-employment screening, but can be effectively used for employee development, team development, etc.

Beyond all testing however, ePraxis has found, and scholarly research confirms that past and new work homework assignments, demonstrations of the actual work performed in the given position, are the most effective determinant of future success of a candidate.