Title : CFO

Client : Americom Technology

Search Completed : 2011


New Candidate Hire’s Years with Company: 8+ years, ongoing
New Hire’s key contribution: Preparation
Client Candidate’s Rating: A+ Difference Maker
Today: CFO serves on the board, is an equity shareholder, and is indispensable.

ePraxis Search Characteristics

Behavioral Profile Created for Position
Behavioral Position Description Prepared
Multi-source candidate cultivation strategy implemented

77+ Candidates sourced in Talent Pool
30 Candidates phone interviewed
13 Candidates panel interviewed
10 Candidates given homework
8 Candidates submit homework
3 Finalists selected
1 Candidate placed

Key Observed Pre-Hire Candidate Trait: “Candidate’s Preparation” The Candidate submitted 5-day ‘past work samples’ homework assignment in 5 hours; In the interview, the candidate responded, “I anticipated that [past work samples] homework might be expected and I worked for two weeks in advance on my work samples portfolio. I was delighted when you posited the past-work samples request… and as I was already prepared. The only new thing I had to do was complete the financial analysis of the new data you provided, and this took me a few hours to complete, and I was done.” The Candidate’s work quality submitted was A+, analytical, visual, thorough, and on-target. Not surprisingly, this same level of preparation has accompanied the Candidate's steller performance in the Candidate's career as CFO and difference maker for Americom Technology.