In my Vistage Peer Group Meetings in June 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT, we invited a talented speaker, Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky (, to speak to us about generational differences of employees, with particular respect to understanding Y-generation. From my notes, here are some take-aways that I thought might provide a helpful launch point for a discussion about facts, fiction, and what to do about multi-generational differences.

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Gen Y generation seeks mentors and growth
They are not job hoppers, but mentor/opportunity hoppers
Money is a threshold, not a scorecard; relationships and cause will trump compensation

Gen Y's seek a blended life environment

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For Gen Y's, consider enabling time off flexibilities such as:
Paid time off (PTO)
Leave with out pay (LWOP)
Discretionary time off (DTO)

For Gen Y's consider work arrangement flexibilities such as:
comp time
flex scheduling
4-day work week
job sharing
self managed teams
self directed teams

For work environment's, Gen Y's want to learn and grow; consider challenges and opportunities for...
Interest in learning
Relaxed / friendly culture
idea sharing
Relaxed friendly culture
want more responsibility

Gen Y's appear to have a greater need or desire for relationships at work; foster...
Great boss / supervisor
Take interest in ‘entire’ world
Provide and request feedback
Be a friend at work
Opportunities for socialization
Social networking

Gen Y's are a capable generation that works best when there is a worth cause; find a way to put....
Cause into work, and make it meaningful
Change the world
Change the human experience in the world
Being a part of something bigger than themselves
Having a sense of purpose

I also found a series of reports that I posted on Twitter that provide survey research and more thinking on attracting, hiring, and engaging Gen Y's in the workplace.