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1.12.2011 Provo, Utah
Blog entry by Severin Sorensen, Utah Chair, Vistage CEO Group #3754

Culture and Organizational Leadership, by Dr. Rick Eigenbrod

Today UT Vistage CE Group #3754 hosted Dr. Rick Eigenbrod, a clinical psychologist with focus on organizational behavior and leadership. Rick is a former Vistage Chair of three groups. Rick earned a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Clinical Psychology, a M.A. from Auburn University, and a B.A. from Tulane University.

Rick's style was masterful; he taught complex psychological concepts through metaphors, exercises, and socratic questioning.


Some nuggets of wisdom related include these take-away thoughts;

- "The Character of the Leader becomes the Culture of the Company."

- "CEOs should place a proverbial sign over their heads, that reads, 'No Dependency Relationships Here.'"

- "Everything you do as CEO matters; your employees look at everything."

- "The thinking of the CEO becomes the constraint to defining and solving the problems;" most are asking the wrong questions, and by definition getting the answers to the wrong questions.

- "It's imperative that CEOs create a safe place for conversation" spur creativity, form relationships, and facilitate bonding that break down barriers in groups.

- "Leadership is about who follows you."

- "You can't deal with the whole, until the whole is in the room."

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