Management Consulting

Management ConsultingePraxis provides bespoke analysis, coaching, and execution services (bundled) as management consulting services. These services are available on an ad hoc basis or by retainer for month-to-month operations. The focus of ePraxis’ management consulting is to provide the E (energy) in Execution so that our management companies meet goals, expectations, and delivery results. Having a great product is worthless without great execution to move the product.

Severin Sorensen of ePraxis is an Authorized EOS Implementer and uses this and other tools in his compliment of training for business leaders. An overview of Traction, the book that defines the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) was previously provided by Severin in his May 19, 2016 blog reviewing the Traction, Rocketfuel, and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

 Severin Sorensen

About Severin Sorensen

Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & Vistage Chair, with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.