ExecutionBusiness success probability is increased when the three legs of business performance are evenly contributing to the whole: (1) great people; (2) great business model and plan; and (3) execution — getting things done, particularly those things that matter.

There is an 80/20 rule in business. Eighty percent of things that people work on usually don’t matter, but frequently are time and mindshare wasters. The focused executive, one that can sort out, prioritize, and execute with routine brilliance on the 20% of critically important items often finds much greater success.

At Kaizened, we help executives identify the 20% of the mission critical items that need most attention, and we focus on automating attention, analysis, and execution around this most important subset of business imperatives. We help business leaders and companies get clarity on execution in the following ways:

  • Executive search to find “A” players to play key roles in client companies executive teams;
  • Management consulting working on special projects of critical importance to our clients;
  • Board advisory services, where we take membership seats on corporate boards; and,
  • Training, training, training… as this truly creates the mental and business muscle memory to achieve amazing results routinely as a regular business practice.
 Severin Sorensen

About Severin Sorensen

Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & Vistage Chair, with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.